“L’Archicembalo” was born in the year 2000 from the desire of Marcello Bianchi and Daniela Demicheli to bring to life a professional musical ensemble specialised in the Early Music and Classic period repertoire. L’Archicembalo endeavours to perform with full respect of the original execution practices, using period instruments to guarantee a refined philological interpretation and providing a genuine listening of Early and Classical period music, free from anachronistic style contaminations.

Since its birth, L’Archicembalo has been representing its work as part of important concert seasons, masterclasses, festivals and music events all over Europe. Recently, having pursued the diffusion of the Italian repertoire of the 1600s-1700s, L’Archicembalo has taken a very close interest in the works of Antonio Vivaldi, developing an ambitious discographic project with the record company ‘Tactus’. Moreover, the latest CD release is fully dedicated to the Concertos and Symphonies for strings and continuo composed by the great Venetian Maestro.


Last Update August 26th 2018

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